Does the Employer mandate start 1-1-14?

No. The majority of the provisions that require employers with over 50 FTE have been delayed until 1-1-15

Who is considered a full time employee equivalent (FTEE)?

The ACA denotes that employees working at least 30 hours or its equivalency

What is the Individual Mandate?

The Individual Mandate will go into effect 1-1-14. All legal US Citizens are to be covered with a creditable coverage either in or out of the Exchanges.

What is an Exchange?

An Exchange is a common place where citizens can shop for Insurance.  These are located in each state and can either be state or federally operated. 
**Charter HR will provide client’s access to a Private Exchange for your convenience.

Since the Employer mandate has been pushed back to 1-1-15, what are my responsibilities with the Individual Mandate?

As an Employer, you are not required to offer health insurance…however you will have to continually notify employees of their options through the Exchanges.  Theses notifications should start Oct 1st with your employees.  Charter HR will provide clients with direction and guidance on the notifications.

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