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PEOs enable their clients to essentially outsource their human resources to an outside firm, freeing up management from dealing with myriad and complex employment issues and leaving more time to concentrate on what they do best.

As one of the leading PEOs, Charter HR provides payroll and workers' compensation for thousands of client companies' employees. Charter HR programs transfer the client employers' human resource and payroll responsibilities to Charter HR. Upon completion of a simple transfer and enrollment process, Charter HR assumes the related functions and responsibilities.

Charter HR is not just a check-writing or payroll processing service. Nor is it a temporary help service. Our program is a complete solution to handling the hassle and burden of administrative expenses related to the Human Resource function of your business.

Your employees will be pleased with our human resources outsourcing because in most cases they will receive increased benefits. Charter HR will help you and your employees secure benefits and services that are far in excess of what could be offered by most individual employers.

With Charter HR, a business owner has the support of human resource specialists to handle compliance issues. You no longer need to fear the unknown, or spend hours reading new rules and regulations, to try to understand what you have to do to comply. With Charter HR, you can now eliminate the labor, energy, frustration, and cost associated with the myriad of federal and state agency regulations and administration.

You can now concentrate on the basics of running your business and directing the growth of your company. You can focus your time on attaining your goals and increasing your profits!